Research Collections

The ROM bird collections are among the top 15 ornithological collections in the world. The 164,603 specimens represent 58% of all world bird species and 90% of the bird families, including specimens from 160 countries across all continents. Preparations include 137,242 study skins (the largest and most diverse collection in Canada), 45,814 skeletons (one of the largest collections in the world), 42,173 tissue samples (one of the largest in the world), 12,597 nests and eggs and 3,903 fluid-preserved specimens. Most of the collection is geo-referenced and is available on-line through VertNet, GBIF, and Canadensys.


Through salvaging and fieldwork we are constantly adding new specimens to the collections with special emphasis on specimens useful for the study of flight (including wingspan measurements and a spread wing preparation), skeletons, and tissue samples.

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